Ultimate eBay BootCamp Academy

8 Hours
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92 Lessons (8h)

  • eBay for Newbies
    Earning Proof1:12
    Legal Notice
  • Buying Tips
    How to: Get best price on any eBay item5:31
  • eBay Basics
    eBay selling for newbies3:24
    Setting up paypal business account
  • Alternative Payments
    Get $25 to get started
    Opening a Payoneer account6:07
  • Photography section
    Photography Tips
    Lighting equipment & photo-booth4:27
  • Shipping & packing like a professional
    Packing your package11:42
  • Selling Tips
    Profit with selling cell phones4:19
    Selling Pranks4:04
    Selling Legos2:42
  • How to make money on eBay
    Profit with eBay listing mistakes2:14
    Identifying valuable giftcards3:41
    Product arbitrage for fast sale5:45
    Watch out for Scams!3:52
  • Extra Content
    Why get a Camera vs Use Smartphone5:21
  • eBay Profit Bootcamp
    Promo video2:00
  • Research Phase
    Finding merchandise to sell online14:10
    Using eBay research isting tool14:03
  • Stockpiling Merchandise
    Finding Bargains on Garage Sales11:03
    Discover deals on Craigslist5:31
  • Treasure Hunting
    Lets go Treasure Hunting16:23
    Finding Deals Online9:01
  • Photography Essentials
    Taking PIctures4:39
  • Listing Section
    Choosing a listing format20:12
    Fixed Listing5:02
    Best Offer4:48
  • Listing Suggestions
    Improve Listing4:24
    Listing Tips10:51
    Listing Mistake5:11
  • Listing Tools
    Keyword Listing Tool2:39
    End LIsting6:21
  • Secret Tool
    Maximize sales tool6:53
  • Listing Hacks
    Unpaid Item3:46
    Blocking Bidders2:24
    Automating Search1:41
    Raising Limits3:39
  • Best Practice
    Reducing Defects2:54
    Prohibited & Restricted Listings3:21
  • Adding Youtube Video to listing
    Adding YouTube Video2:51
  • Products that Sell
    Mastering Online Arbitrage4:58
    Phone Covers4:55
    Selling Coins11:37
    Profit with Discounts
    Cashing in with Pranks3:27
    Selling Military Hats1:50
    Selling keychains & Buying lots7:40
    Making money with Shoes5:44
    Collecting Cards7:07
    Egyptian Replicas4:44
    Wooden Trolls4:05
    Lego collecting7:05
  • Shipping Items
    Shipping like a Professional9:53
    Save money on Shipping2:34
    Dealing with Returns8:09
  • Dropshipping For Newbies
    Dropship on eBay using Amazon4:31
  • Feedback Portal
    All about Feedbacks11:25
  • Scammers Alert
    Watching out for Scammers8:26
    Global Shipping Seller Protection4:03
    Scammers Blocking Toolkit4:56
    Paypal Scam3:02
  • Powerseller Secrets
    Powerseller Requirements
    Spy on Competitors5:10
  • eBay Apps
    Top Sellers Secret!5:16
  • Wholesale Catalogs
    Buying Wholesale4:24
    What to Buy6:31
  • Social Media
    Using Social Media7:49
  • Marketing your services
    Become a Trading Assistant4:27
  • Creating an eCommerce Webportal
    Create a website fast10:30
    Advanced features4:28
  • Affiliate Partnership
    Earn money as affiliate3:05
    Tips on getting accepted3:10
  • eBay Classifieds
    Profit with eBay Classifieds4:19
  • eBay Rewards
    eBay Bucks
  • Conclusion
    Thank You0:55
  • Extra Content
    Exclusive eBook
    Selling Guide
  • Alibaba Newbies Academy
    Welcome to the class2:37
  • Basics First
    Earning Proof1:34
    Aliexpress Reward Levels2:49
  • Getting Started
    Opening an account3:51
    Alibaba VS Aliexpress21:34
  • Be careful on Alibaba
    My experience on Alibaba3:35
    How I got Scammed11:52
  • Advanced Knowledge
    Find top Products9:18
    Picking a Winning Product7:57
    Website Touring Guide8:08
    Alibaba Profit Machine explained7:29
    Bonus: Enroll in full $200 course for $102:03

Upgrade Your eBay & Alibaba Business Skills with 8 Hours of 3 Power Courses

Think Guru


Sergey Kasimov is an eBay Certified Educational Specialist. He teaches clients how to successfully list and sell their items. Kasimov has helped countless people increase their revenue working as an eBay Trading Assistant.


The Ultimate eBay BootCamp Academy is an 8-hour business course offering 3 total classes comprised of 92 lectures. It features one master course, the eBay Profit Bootcamp, which will teach you everything you need to know about selling on eBay. This master class will focus on maximizing profit by giving you some tips that will give you an extra edge on raising limits, pricing, and more on eBay. If you are new to online selling, the eBay for Beginners Guide Essentials will teach you all the selling basics on eBay. You will also learn about wholesale buying from Alibaba and selling it on eBay, Amazon FBA, or Shopify for higher profits, thanks to The Alibaba Import and Expert Mini Academy lecture. With the Ultimate eBay BootCamp Academy, you'll start as a newbie and graduate as a professional seller.

  • Access 92 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn the eBay & Alibaba basics with 8 hours of training across 3 major classes
  • Learn to maximize profits w/ the eBay Profit Bootcamp
  • Master the basics on eBay, from selling to shipping, w/ the eBay for Beginners Guide Essentials
  • Earn substantial profit from wholesale buying & selling through the Alibaba Import and Expert Mini Academy


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Basic internet skills
  • eBay & PayPal accounts


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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